tisdag 15 augusti 2023

Musikminne från Michelle Lynne

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Den kanadensiska pianisten och sångerskan Michelle Lynne debuterade förra året med singeln Hold on som var en känslosam låt som bar på mycket hopp bland de ömma tonerna. I år har hon släppt singlarna Empty promises och I'm here. Båda väldigt emotionella låtar, där Empty promises ökar allt mer i intensitet och känslostyrka i slutet. I'm here är en sårbar låt som nog är Michelles allra vackraste hittills. Mycket av det Michelle skriver om är en slags resa, bort från det jobbiga, det sorgetyngda och mot en värld där allt inte är perfekt, men där inget heller förväntas vara det. Där allt är okej ändå. Inget måste vara perfekt. Hennes röst är otrolig på alla sätt. Idag gästar Michelle bloggen för att dela med sig av två musikminnen, ett om Empty promises och ett om I'm here. 

1. Empty promises 

As a musician, I'm always asked if I come from a musical family. They would answer no, but honestly I grew up in an extremely musical household. My Mom taught me piano from age 4, and then practiced beside me for years. My dad played drums and sang in a country band. I think I know the lyrics to every country song from the 90s, as we always blasted his country tapes whenever we were driving together. 

My childhood memories are full of singing with my dad, and running around to different lessons, both singing and piano, festivals and competitions. It was a busy and happy time and I'm so grateful for the teachers I had along the way. 

I started trying to write songs a few years ago for my church music team, just simple songs to start. I began with more personal songs a few years ago, and then found an amazing producer who helped me put things together and start to send it out into the world. 

This song came out of processing a major disappointment and grief in my life, and I found that this integral part of me - my music - became a safe place for me to sit with my emotions, try to make sense of circumstances and find some path forward. This song is for anyone who has lost something they love and need to acknowledge that what they have gone through is very real. 

2. I'm here 

Here's a random fun fact about me: in 2022, I was the top 0.1% listener of Glass Animals on Spotify. This is due largely to my obsession with their song Heat Waves, which ended up being the track that my producer used as a reference for my song I'm Here. It has a groovy beat that I absolutely love, as well as what we call "gospel claps." 

The pandemic was hard on everyone, and when I was having a tough time I would often get on the highway, crank the bass to the max, and blast my favourite songs. The beat drop in Heat Waves is one that brings a massive smile to my face and probably why I listened to the song hundreds of times. 

Part of my writing process is to sit at the piano, play some chords intuitively and let a melody flow out. Lyrics usually come later. I've actually finished writing many lyrics in my car, by playing the instrumental track over and over and then trying to find the words that fit the music. To be honest I also got a speeding ticket this way, which wasn't the best result, but I did finish the lyrics. 

Music changes atmospheres, emotions, and my ultimate wish is that people leave my concerts feeling like they had a healing experience and have had space to process and rest. This song is about accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses, in the middle of process, and saying that we are enough right now. Self-love is a beautiful thing and something that needs to be learned.

/ Michelle Lynne

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