tisdag 14 juli 2020

Musikminne från Alice Bloom

Duon Alice Bloom från Los Angeles har precis släppt debutsingeln Satellite. Duon, som består av Flannery Maney och Pietro Milanesi gör fin indiepop med en ton av jazz. Idag gästar duon och berättar om ett musikminne! 

I was just getting into alternative music and my brother got tickets for us to go see Metric in downtown Columbus, OH. People don't know this but Columbus has a really great alt. music scene! I was 15 or so and had never been to a concert, let alone a super intimate venue like the Newport. My brother is 4 years older and we went with some of his friends, so I felt really cool. The place was dark and had an energy like no other. People were excitedly awaiting Metric as the opening band started (which I think was Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears). They were great and I couldn't believe how loud the music was or how free everyone seemed dancing. It was such an amazing thing to see for the first time. When Metric came on, they played all of their hits and some newer stuff - I knew most of the lyrics. It was insanely hot in the mosh pit after a while but I stayed there the whole time. My brother is the reason I love alternative music so much and got to experience so many up-and-coming bands at a young age. And of course huge bands like The Shins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse etc. I will never forget the night he took me to my first concert and introduced me to the effervescent world of live music!

/ Flannery Maney, Alice Bloom 

Lyssna på Satellite här nedan!