onsdag 15 april 2015

"A pair of hopelessly devoted lovers have a wonderful day and get killed by a bomb in the end"

Foto: Press

Det tyska darkwavebandet In My Rosary splittrades 2011 men sångaren Ralf Jesek fortsatte på samma bana i I-M-R. Tillsammans med Martin Von Arndt, Holger Diener och Hansi Huenig skapar han drömsk och mörk darkwave. Första skivan, Letters from the paper garden, släpptes 2012 och i slutet av förra året kom uppföljaren InOutSide. Här nedan går sångaren Ralf Jesek igenom hela skivan, låt för låt. 

- Usually we open our albums with an instrumental track. This time we wanted to use a kind of a "hybrid" and the words should "open" the album as well. So it is just a warm hello... Of course with the usual latent intimation that this could be our last album... what I always intersperse, for 20 years now!

- Just some short reflections on how you must feel when you are blind. Literally and figuratively.

- The sweet pain of being ignored by someone you admire. A kind of a little minnesong, if you want.

In two 
- The slow fading of a relationship.

Drowned in you
- At the deathbed of someone you love.

- A song about capitalism and social marginalization. Inspired by an article in which a German finance lobbyist praised the benefits of the so-called "redlining" - a practice (allegedly only used in the US), where financial institutions, insurances etc. mark particular areas on a map to separate the "good consumers" from the "bad consumers". If you live in a marked area, it is extremely hard (or even impossible) to get a credit, a job or even access to health care or supermarkets.

- It is about one of these days when Sartre's novel Nausea seems to become slightly real. Everything is strange and frightening and you cannot do anything with your life and the world that surrounds you. The main sentence here is "I'm waiting for tomorrow all the time".

(You can) take
- A tongue-in-cheek track about today's disenchantment with politics and social affairs. You live more pleasant without own thinking and seeing.

The golden haze
- Actually the answer to (You can) take. If you always live behind a haze of ignorance and believe in the given guidelines, a bad awakening is unavoidable, in my opinion.

- "Everything happens in my head", so be good to your mind and your imagination! 

We are...
- A song about religious fanaticism. Inspired by the most dopey proof of God's existence I've ever read: "I can think of him - so he exists".

- A sentimental and of course very subjective song about the commercialization of the darkwave scene. Originally the song was about that strange sensation of immortality when you are young. That's why it sounds in a "slight" 1980's style. But when we played the huge Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig later that year, I got a bit shirty about the conformity of all the artists and audiences there. The majority tried to achieve the stereotypes and I once again missed the individuality which constituted the scene when I got into it. 80 per cent of the music and bands I have heard and seen really bored me - risk-free Gothic mainstream... so, when I was back home I changed the lyrics.

All about us
- The story is quite simple: a pair of hopelessly devoted lovers have a wonderful day and get killed by a bomb in the end. And we, the observers, can decide if we think it is romantic (sigh, dying together closely spaced...) or if we think about the background (bomb?). Eventually a little try to point to the growing shallowness. We should always try to look behind the facade, because whatever happens: It affects us, too.

- Just a typical outro, and Hansi's first composition!

Dreamer's house
- It is a song about letting go. In my opinion you cannot struggle for love. Either it welcomes you with open arms or it is senseless. Ignoring this point can let you misjudge the limit and then you will destroy absolutely everything.

- A song about the disappointment when you meet a good friend again after some years and while you talk about the good old days you start to realize that the much-trumpeted common past was only a wink of a moment. The mutual basis you expected to be eternal was obviously nothing but an illusion. And even though you have realized that, you still keep up appearances instead of leaving with a friendly "Fuck off!".

Lyssna på InOutSide här nedan.