söndag 7 april 2024

Fem album: Nicole Haber

Foto: Gary Murray

Nicole Haber från Toronto har medverkat i bloggen flertalet gånger, bland annat med ett musikminne för två år sedan, i samband med släppet av singeln How did we get here. En dansant juvel. Senaste singeln Galaxy, ett samarbete med Freaky DJs, värmde upp mycket av den senare delen av förra året för mig. Snön utanför försvann inte, men den på insidan smälte bort. Idag gästas serien Fem album av Nicole. Fem album som inspirerat, fem album som byggt upp det musikaliska intresset. Spotify-länkar till albumen, där det är möjligt, hittar ni genom att klicka på respektive albums titel. 

Marianas Trench - Masterpiece Theatre (2010) 
The title says it all with this one, this album was truly a theatrical masterpiece in my opinion and as someone with a musical theatre background, I can really appreciate the intricacy within the overall composition of the tracks both musically and vocally. It told a story and each song on the album is so beautifully crafted and has its own individual style and flare to it. 

P!nk - M!ssundaztood (2001) 
There's always been something about the OG P!nk that's inspired me both musically and within my personal life. This album still resonates with me today, even more so actually, than it did before. When I was young, this album was just something I enjoyed listening to, I loved the way it sounded and how it made me feel, but as I grow older, the songs from this album grow with me, making more sense and still get me singing along. 

Shania Twain - Up! (2002) 
Shania holds a near and dear place in my heart, she's actually the reason I started singing and had me telling my parents, "I wanna be a popstar" at the age of four years old. This album just made me wanna dance and sing. It was corky, it was cool, and it was fun. In my eyes, at the time, this was exactly what music was supposed to be. 

Illenium - Awake (2017) 
It was very hard for me to choose only one Illenium album to showcase today because I could've picked all of them, but this one, in particular, holds significance in my life as a musician. A lot of the tracks on this album influenced me to start incorporating electronic elements into my own music. There's something about ethereal EDM that makes me feel so uplifted. As if the music itself is lifting me up into the ether, and for some weird reason, I absolutely love that feeling. There are so many songs within this album that resonate with me and allow me to feel that feeling and I draw a lot of inspiration from that. 

Rihanna - Loud (2010) 
Rihanna is another hugely influential artist for me, she's inspired me for so many reasons, but I think with this album we saw a completely different side of her. Throughout all of her music, we witness her growth and development as a person. But within this album, I think we see her becoming her perfect self. Truly accepting who she is and coming to terms with all of her past. I found that every song was authentic, beautiful, vulnerable and honest.

/ Nicole Haber

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