lördag 21 januari 2023

Musikminne från Star Madman

Amanda Jay från Oklahoma gör musik under namnet Star Madman. Musiken är elektronisk, ofta åt det synthpoppiga hållet. Senaste singeln heter Together och släpptes i början av januari. Singeln är dansant och ett fint samarbete med brittiske artisten Fonz Tramontano. Amanda är även en del av bandet Denial Waits som släppte singeln Save you i november förra året. Idag gästar Amanda och hennes Star Madman bloggen för att dela med sig av ett musikminne, kopplat till Depeche Mode!

I recall, as a child growing up in a small suburban-rural town east of Oklahoma City, hearing the synths of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence on the radio. It was a stark contrast from what I would normally hear: country, rock, grunge, or pop. That memory, and that feeling of hearing those brilliant sounding synths, stuck with me. But I never knew who the artist was; I was a child and know enough to pay attention to those sort of things. 

Fast-forward to my high school years: I don’t recall how, but I was re-introduced to Depeche Mode. I heard Enjoy the Silence again and it struck me - that was the song that had been imprinted in my head so long ago. Their work completely changed my view on music. Their lyrics, melodies, synths, and compositions totally captivated me. I can’t recall hearing a song of theirs I didn’t like. I would go to the record store and pick up every album and single of theirs I could find. Every single one had amazing music that blew me away, and eventually crept its way into my music writing. 

When I started producing music in a DAW (around 2006ish), the first style of music I did was synthpop, which was heavily inspired by Depeche Mode. To this day, they are my favorite band, and my biggest influence.

/ Star Madman 

Lyssna på Together här nedan!