lördag 26 november 2022

Musikminne från Selfish Bodies

Alternativa rockbandet Selfish Bodies från Edmonton släppte debut-EP:n Gold Hair 2019. De följde upp med singeln Waitress 2020 och nu i oktober kom singeln Bambi legs. En låt med drömsk och synthig produktion och Brandy Sharpe sjunger fantastiskt. Texten behandlar osäkerhet, en ensam känsla som samtidigt förenar alla. Idag gästar bandet, genom Brandy, bloggen för att dela med sig av ett musikminne! 

When I was a youngin, I listened to a lot of instrumental music. One of my favourites was a song by Buckethead. Buckethead is a guitar wielding shredder who wears a white mask and a fried chicken bucket on his head. His identity was unknown at the time. Anyways, I would listen to his song ‘Soothsayer’ on repeat. Selecting it on my iPod over and over again. The law of diminishing returns demanded that the climax of the song would eventually become less magical, but the magic never left. This largely shaped the way I listened to music and what I searched for in each song. 

I was addicted to the crescendo. If a song didn’t have that spark, I wasn’t terribly interested. This has changed somewhat over time, as I now connect with music in many other ways and don’t need to be constantly spoon fed stellar ear candy. Though I do admit, I’m still a sucker for a catchy chorus and any big moment in a song that slaps you in the face with its awesomeness and raw emotion. 

When I think back to Buckethead, and how jazzed up that song could make me feel, I realize that is exactly how I’d like to make people feel. That my ultimate goal with creating music is to connect and inspire some sort of emotional response in the listener. 

I’m grateful for those songs that made me feel something great time and time again as I grew up, helping me and inspiring me everyday. Inspiring me to this day.

/ Brandy Sharpe, Selfish Bodies 

Lyssna på Bambi legs här nedan!