fredag 14 augusti 2020

Musikminne från Isa Bruder

Artisten Isa Bruder, bosatt i New York, släppte debutsingeln Close to Her i slutet av juni. En mjuk poplåt där stråkarna och en fin refräng lyfter låten till något bestående. Idag gästar Isa bloggen för att berätta om ett musikminne! 

One of my dearest concert memories is attending Kacey Musgraves' 'Oh, What a World: Tour' in Philadelphia, January of 2019. I had taken a bus from NYC to meet my best friend Lucas - we have the same exact music taste! So whenever possible, we'll meet halfway between our colleges and go see our favorite musicians together. 

As you might imagine, January in Pennsylvania can be brutal! However, Kacey's album Golden Hour had been nominated for several Grammy's and she had recently opened for Harry Styles on tour, so the hype around her was building and she was becoming a lot more popular. We were determined to stand in line outside the venue to get a good spot... until we weren't, because it was just WAY too cold! 

Anyways, after a drive thru pitstop and some waiting in his car, it was time to head inside. We held on to our cowboy hats, ran into the venue and somehow managed to be super close to the stage. Then, after the opener played, Kacey walked in and I was in awe. It was my first time seeing her, and my first time hearing the songs from her latest album Golden Hour live. I'm sure Swedish music fans can agree that the feeling of seeing one of your favorite artists for the first time is just magical! She was wearing this sparkly jean outfit, and even seemed a little surprised by the audience's enthusiasm in singing every song. We were exceptionally loud that day! 

When she sang Love is a Wild Thing, that's when I started crying. I don't usually cry at concerts - I'm the super excited, happy type! But the message of the song, along with hearing it live and being so close to her really tugged on my heartstrings. I don't know how to explain it, other than I felt the music really deeply - a kind of deep you only feel hearing it live with the artist right in front of you. I remember thinking "this is exactly what I want to do" - as an artist, I want to be able to create music that moves people as deeply as I felt moved in that moment. 

It was such a clarifying moment for me that, a couple months later, I got my first tattoo - the name of the tour and opening song of the album! To me, the tattoo is a celebration of an album that I love, but also a reminder of why I want to be an artist. I want to bring people joy and connect to their feelings in a way that feels intimate and deep, like Kacey did with me that night. 

Ah, writing this has me missing concerts a little extra today! Hopefully we all get to experience the magic of live music again soon!

/ Isa Bruder 

Lyssna på Close to Her här nedan!