söndag 3 december 2017

"Like a shot of cocaine straight to the heart and gut"

Foto: Eliza Soros

Sångerskan Lizzy Plapinger har tagit en paus från MS MR och är nu aktuell med soloprojektet LPX. Första singeln Tightrope släpptes i januari, den följdes upp av Tremble och nu är tredje singeln Slide här. Här nedan berättar Lizzy om LPX. 

What does Slide mean to you? 
- Slide is euphoric agony in a bottle. It’s a tortured love song, equal parts anger, disbelief, passion and infatuation. It only hurts this much because it was that good. A double edged sword that keeps on digging, it's an explosive and fragile combination that feels perfectly emphasized and echoed by the pulsating energy of the songs production.

How would you describe the forthcoming EP? 
- Very high octane - like a shot of cocaine straight to the heart and gut. It’s aggressive but still emotional and vulnerable. I’m really proud of how powerful and assertive it is while still being delicate in unexpected ways. 

How has this project been different from MS MR? 
- LPX is a very different beast to MS MR. It’s rooted in punk and rock and indie, all the bands I grew up listening to like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Tv on the Radio, Bloc Party, The Cardigans and more recently War on Drugs, NIN, The Horrors. I want to live at the crux where pop and alternative meet. LPX is about being a bold, wild, assertive and sensitive thing all while playing with expectations of alternative music. 

Any plans coming to Sweden with your solo project? 
- No plans of yet but I hope sooner than later! I’m self funding and self releasing LPX so it’s hard touring without a label to provide tour support but playing live is what this project is all about. If you get a chance to come to a show, do! These songs were written to be played live and it’s a super high energy and wild experience. 

What’s coming up next? 
- I’m really excited to be releasing my debut EP, Bolt in the Blue, January 12th 2018 - so stay tuned!

Lyssna på Slide här nedan!