torsdag 12 januari 2023

Musikminne från Black Box Signal

Duon Black Box Signal från St. Louis debuterade förra våren med singeln Hope for now och i slutet av förra året kom All I'll ever need. Båda är finfina syntiga poplåtar, där den senaste är den allra starkaste. Duon, som består av bröderna Andrew och TJ, har ett sinne för melodier som fastnar och jag älskar hur melodierna fyller mitt huvud. Idag gästar Black Box Signal bloggen för att dela med sig av ett musikminne!

If we had to choose one musical experience that was influential to us, it would be seeing ODESZA live for the first time. Being brothers and growing up together with a strong interest in music, we had jammed together throughout the years in various ways. During the early 2000’s, we played a lot of AC/DC songs with TJ singing, Andrew playing guitar, and our brother Jake on drums. A few years later TJ took up the drums and he and Andrew began to have jam sessions in the basement. This is when the seed of a musical collaboration between us two was first planted. However, given the age difference and stages of life we were in at that particular time, it would be some time before the idea would take root and begin to surface.

Fast forward to the 2018 Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, TX here in the US. We spent the weekend seeing a lot of great live acts and eating a bunch of delicious food, but the highlight of the weekend was when we saw ODESZA for the first time. We were initially drawn to ODESZA’s music because of their production abilities. They are very detail-oriented and every aspect of their music sounds intentional. They create a sonic soundscape that is mesmerizing and unpredictable. We had always listened to them, but seeing them live took the experience to the next level. All the visuals, choreography, and stage presence was as intentional and detail-oriented as the music. Every element seemed to be in the right place at the right time. All of the songs with a strong drum presence were accompanied by a live drum line performance. Certain parts of songs were extended to include ‘drum solos’, and vocalists and instrumentalists that were featured on the studio album were brought on stage to contribute to the production. Everyone was given their time to shine, the musicianship was incredible, and everyone was equally talented. It was a true display of what a successful musical collaboration sounds and looks like.

That experience showed us what was possible and inspired us to contemplate what a collaboration between the two of us might look like. Now, together as Black Box Signal, we are intentional with all aspects of our music. We strive to create pieces that are relatable and spark curiosity in our listeners. We try to design soundscapes that are totally immersive and provide a space for fans to turn inward and lose themselves. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

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