fredag 25 februari 2022

Musikminne från Karin Ann

Karin Ann från Slovakien brinner för mänskliga rättigheter. När hon spelade live i en polsk morgonshow klädde hon sig i en regnbågsflagga och tog ställning för hbtq+-personer i Polen fick hon mycket kritik - men hyllades samtidigt av många. Hon är idag en välkänd artist i stora delar av Östeuropa och senaste singeln, looking at porn producerades av Matt Schwartz, som tidigare jobbat med Robbie Williams och Kylie Minogue. På hennes EP,
side effects of being human, som släpps idag firtsätter hon samarbeta med Matt och den slovakiske producenten Tomi Popovic. EP:n är en fantastisk reva mot konservativa krafter. Idag gästar hon bloggen för att berätta om ett musikminne! 

I used to dance when I was a child, more or less since I was a baby so I don't really remember my first music memory. What I do remember very vividly is the first time I did ice figure skating. I was out on the ice and doing the choreography when a Slavic children's song started playing. All of a sudden there was a rhythm and melody. The realisation that I now could combine music and figure skating was like opening a door to a new world. 

That specific song has not impacted me or my work, I actually don't remember the name even but I do remember what it made me see and feel and looking back at it I can see how I stood out from the other children already at five years old. Or rather, I did not fit in with them. They wanted soft and airy music, about love and princesses. I wanted rough, up-beat and something with darkness. 

That was my theme while I was doing figure skating. It somehow ended up always being me and them. Sometimes have I thought about figure skating and my first music memory and if that context has impacted my music today but I don't think so. I would, however, say that the mindset I had at five, however, is still visible. The longing for music outside the norm. 

The older I get the more music I find. Music that speaks to me in another way, that touches me deeply. I think the songs I find now effects me more. But if I would not have started doing figure skating at five, who knows how my life would have turned out? I do not think that ice-skating is the main reason why I create music but at the same time am I a firm believer children who get to listen to music, feel the music at a young age will develop more creativity and vulnerability. 

My life did not start or end with that song for children, but it did open a door.

/ Karin Ann

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