fredag 12 februari 2021

Musikminne från Lia Kay

Kanadensiska Lia Kay släppte debutsingeln Walk away för en vecka sedan. Elektronisk och dansant pop med en melodi som fastnar. Låten är hämtad från hennes kommande EP Daydreaming som släpps under året. Idag gästar Lia bloggen för att berätta om ett musikminne, kopplat till Ariana Grande! 

I will begin by saying that I truly miss being able to attend music shows. 

My absolute favourite concert memory is the “Dangerous Woman Tour” Ariana Grande concert back in 2017. This was held at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Ariana Grande is someone I idolise as an incredible singer and performer; but what makes her extraordinary and incomparable to most other artists, is her ability to deliver an even more stunning performance than the recording. 

The woman doesn’t hit wrong notes, it’s absolutely surreal. When you think about the amount of dancing she does during the show, to sing flawlessly with such complex vocal runs and wide range is mind blowing. The “Dangerous Woman Tour” was exactly that; I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her as well as her talented musicians and dancers that accompanied her. The energy was incredible and I couldn’t help but dance and sing along! 

I left the show feeling inspired and in complete awe of Ariana’s talent.

/ Lia Kay

Lyssna på Walk away här nedan!