måndag 14 september 2020

Musikminne från Zoe Brush

Zoe Brush har släppt tre singlar i år. Resting place (en fin duett med Gabriel), Ego och Language of you är låtar som träffar mig på lite olika sätt - men som alla är väldigt bra. Den Los Angeles-baserade sångerskan släppte sin debut-EP
Trust Fall 2019. Idag gästar hon bloggen för att berätta om ett musikminne, som börjar med ett brustet hjärta. 

When I was in high school I had a first love as I think many people do. And, of course, it broke my heart. I remember we were on and off after that for a few months and it was after another one of our breakups that I decided to go to Boston for Berklee’s Five-Week summer program. Before I left I wrote a song called Maybe Boston about getting away from my town and hopefully getting over my relationship. That summer was life-changing for me. 

I auditioned with Maybe Boston for the songwriting contest and it was in the finalists at the competition. I then had the opportunity to perform it (and perform for the first time) on stage in front of the other students, and while it was nerve-wracking, I felt more alive than I’d ever felt before. Near the end of the five weeks everyone had the chance to audition for scholarships. I didn’t know it at the time but what I thought was just an audition for next year’s summer program was actually an audition for the college. 

I sang Maybe Boston again and played part of Chopin’s Etude in E Major, calling my mom afterwards to tell her that it was an “Okay” audition but nothing special. A week or so later my dad arrived to attend the final concert series with me at the program before we headed home. They announced different scholarships in-between each performance and I knew after they had announced scholarships to next year’s summer program that I hadn’t been on that list. Still in high spirits, we watched the remainder of the shows until they got to the last announcement for full-tuition scholarships. Of course, this wasn’t even an option in my mind because I thought I had just auditioned for next summer’s program. When the second name that appeared on the screen was my name and my hometown my jaw dropped and I think I may have blacked out for a moment. All I can remember is my dad shaking me saying, “DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!” and then being ambushed by all of my friends afterwards. 

My dad happily announced he was buying frozen yogurt for everyone because he didn’t have to pay for his daughter’s school anymore. This is still one of my dad’s favorite memories to re-live. I don’t share this story often but it was truly one of my favorite moments in my life. All because of a breakup. 

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if we hadn’t broken up. I really don’t know if I would’ve taken the risk of flying to Boston for a summer and writing that song. All I know is that God is good and that Maybe Boston will always hold a special place in my heart.

/ Zoe Brush 

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