onsdag 23 september 2020

Musikminne från Nympheä

De låtarna jag hört från franska Nympheä har varit fantastiska. Samarbetet med Lympes i stillsamma Two bodies och egna svängiga Freckles, som hon släppte i augusti, är underbar popmusik. Idag bjuder hon på ett musikminne, som är kopplat till Taylor Swift! 

My soft spot in music is obviously and essentially pop music, and fell into it pretty early on in my life. I was a kid dancing to Hannah Montana, pretending I had a double pop star life. I couldn’t get enough of Disney stars, and then came along Taylor Swift. A friend showed me the music video to her back-then top hit You Belong With Me, and that was it for me. At the time, Taylor had two albums and song after song I knew all the words. I would re-write lyrics to songs, to fit my super dramatic friendship problems. I was really dramatic, and still am. 

But there we were, in 2019, Taylor Swift was my childhood role model, and I still loved and used down all of her discography. I knew all the words, ALL of them. And to my despair, she did not tour in France anymore. That’s what I thought, until she announced a one time only, promotional concert in Paris. Taylor Swift at the Olympia, an iconic small Parisian venue. It was not only a once in a life-time opportunity, but when was Taylor Swift ever going to play such a small venue again? The answer to that was probably never. The only problem with the City of Lover concert was that you could not purchase tickets. It was a press and fan event. You could either be invited, or win tickets which was very frustrating. I spent countless hours listening to the radio to win tickets, did all the online contests, asked all my friends and family to do so as well, so I could have more chances of winning. But nothing worked. A friend of mine managed to get tickets, and she was determined to have me with her for the concert, so she did everything she could, she sent emails everywhere to see if it was possible to get another ticket. At this time, it was a couple days before the concert and every fan was desperate to hopefully get a ticket, I was as desperate as they come, I couldn’t possibly imagine Taylor Swift playing in my city and not being there. And to our surprise, an email sent was answered with "we will add a second ticket to your name". And that was it? I was seeing Taylor Swift. 

I was given the opportunity, and I was going to make the best of the experience. That meant camping out from early morning to get front row. Which I did, and I was crazy sick that day but that didn’t matter. When the doors finally opened, and we got let in, we ran to save our front row spots, I actually slipped while literally diving on the floor to secure my spot, and hit my head on the floor. I was not proud and quite frankly a bit scared of the possible concussion. But hey! Front row! 

So the concert went on and I was the happiest girl on this planet. Nine year-old me was ecstatic, and the musician in me was so fascinated by the perfect pop star. I have learned so much about music, about writing stories and lyrics, about stage presence by just watching Taylor all these years. Her musical essence is so pure and genuine, which is something that the world has finally come to terms with recently, with her latest album

As you can imagine, as a music lover and a musician myself, 2020 has been rough, I don’t know when I’ll go to a concert again, and I surely do not know when I will play again. But I do find comfort knowing that I attended Taylor’s only 2019 concert, and only concert up to this day.

/ Nympheä

Lyssna på Freckles här nedan!