måndag 7 september 2020

Musikminne från Claire Donzelli

Claire Donzelli från Paolo Alto i Kalifornien släppte i början av sommaren vackra Together apart och i augusti så följde hon upp den med Lift me higher. 
Den är minst lika vacker och kommer värma mycket under hösten. Claire är en otrolig talang med en vacker röst. Idag gästar hon bloggen för att berätta om ett musikminne! 

One of my favorite concert experiences was when my best friend got us tickets to see Metric in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve in 2018. I was feeling a little nervous and claustrophobic when we got there and it was this dark room packed shoulder-to-shoulder with people, but once the music started I felt so free. I’d actually never heard of Metric before that night, but the music felt powerful and uplifting and I really connected with it. I especially liked Help I’m Alive, Breathing Underwater and Black Sheep. I tend to be introverted and I usually don’t dance, but that night I talked to people I’d never met and danced my heart out. 

I left that concert feeling lighter and braver going into the new year. Later that month, I went to a Tchaikovsky concert that inspired me to play piano again after a few years of only practicing sporadically. Hearing Hershey Felder play piano and tell the story of the composer’s life made me want to go home and start practicing again as soon as I could. After that concert, I gradually started practicing piano and singing again. Later that year, I auditioned and earned a scholarship to attend my dream music school. I’m so grateful that some of the events of 2018 were the spark that realigned me with my passion for music. 

/ Claire Donzelli 

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