söndag 17 mars 2024

Fem album: Lia Kay

Foto: Roxanne Duke

Lia Kay från Toronto gästar idag bloggens serie Fem album där hon berättar om just fem album som inspirerat henne under hennes karriär. Lia har figurerat flera gånger i bloggen och jag gillar hennes sätt att bygga upp en speciell stämning i hennes låtar. Alla singlar hon hittills släppt har imponerat på mig, från lugna Just a dream till fantatiska My fix som fastnade i min hjärna från första gången jag hörde den. Senaste singeln You lead, I'll follow släpptes 2022. Det är en ära att Lia gästar bloggen idag. Spotify-länkar till albumen, där det är möjligt, hittar ni genom att klicka på respektive albums titel.  

Michael Jackson - Thriller (1982) 
Michael Jackson is the father of pop music and brilliantly introduced so many artistic elements within it. His funky, yet explosive production accompanied by vibrant dance routines inspired me as a musician and clearly shines through so many other popular artists. 

Mariah Carey - Music Box (1993) 
Mariah’s voice dominated in this album. Her tracks such as Hero and Without You were something to aspire to and without doubt showcased incredible vocal range and clarity. 

Christina Aguilera - Stripped (2002) 
A vocal powerhouse of an album accompanied by an immense, raw and vulnerable story telling. 

George Michael - Faith (1987) 
One of the greatest pop albums of all time. Michael produced, wrote all the songs, played most of the instruments as well as sang his own harmonies. 

Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (2016) 
A current artist that always inspires with her continuously evolving sound. This particular album was testing a number of boundaries. Pop music blended with elements of dance in some songs, while mixing with jazz and funk in others. Seeing her perform this live in concert just makes you realize how stunning her vocal control and range is. Her creativity, vocal technique dominance and ability to push boundaries is inspiring.

/ Lia Kay 

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