söndag 14 augusti 2022

Musikminne från Malak

Idag gästar artisten Malak från Marocko bloggen för att dela med sig av ett musikminne. Jag imponerades djupt av hennes singel Feelin. En låt full av själ och känsla. Det var hennes första singel 2022. Den följdes upp av Holy Vows och nu är nya singeln, Heather, här. Malak sjunger "i may push everybody away, but i am just a little toddler in the body of a women, crying in the bathroom every single day" över ett rockigt sound. Samtidigt väntar hoppet en bit bort. En insikt. Malak är en väldigt mångbottnad artist så lyssna till henne. Snart är ni fast. 

I was an 8-year-old overactive kid who happened to grow up wandering around voices and weird sounds. I would mimic whatever I hear around me, even a bird passing by. 

There is one memory that whenever I go back to it, I just burst out laughing out of nowhere. I think I was around 7 or 8 and our teacher needed two lead singers for a song we were supposed to perform at the end of the school year. I was so happy for a second until I wasn’t, when she chose the two most brilliant kids in the classroom. I still remember their names, those bastards. Well, the brilliant “not so brilliant me” thought that that wasn’t unfair and she had to do something. In a fraction of a second without even asking, I got up, got in front of the class, and said: “I wanna perform it too.” I was expecting the class to make fun of me throughout the entire school year and probably get detention from my teacher, but all they did was stare at me without saying a single letter. In fact, my teacher thought that move was “cute” so she accepted under one condition: that I bring the song ready by the day after. I rushed back home. Refused to speak to anybody. I turned on my big classic desktop of the good old days, played the song, listened to it all day on repeat, and sang it in front of the mirror like a maniac. My mom had no idea what was happening. And yes of course, I ended up on the lead section the day after (hair flip). 

On the day of the actual performance, whenever I go back to that memory I just can’t help but laugh at myself. My lipstick was showing more than my entire body, I changed my hair, my clothes were all red and daring, I put glitter on my eyes. I just went crazy on everything. We were three leads sharing one mic and the rest of the class represented the choir in the back. I walked on stage and made my place right in the middle of my two “brilliant” lead partners. And God how I made sure that my mouth was perfectly proportionate with the mic, but later it didn’t matter so much cause I literally took it off of the stand and pulled out my karaoke energy live. 

I sang my heart out. I almost died with the hype! And my mom got to finally understand what was happening now. 

/ Malak 

Lyssna på Heather här nedan!