torsdag 18 augusti 2022

Musikminne från Janice Lee

Den filippinsk-amerikanska artisten Janice Lee skriver syntiga poplåtar som gjorda för långa utekvällar. I juli släppte hon One sided love, en singel om att hoppas på mer, men kanske stannar det trots allt bara vid vänskap. I slutet på augusti släpper hon nästa singel i ordningen, Stay in bed. Stundtals, när jag hör Janice, påminns jag om fantastiska MS MR. Det är elektronisk pop at its best. Idag gästar Janice Lee bloggen för att dela med sig av ett musikminne!

At age 6 or 7, I recall constantly playing with this toy piano. It was shaped like an elephant and only had eight keys. It was part of a grab bag of toys my parents bought for me at the thrift store. So, every night, I spent countless hours trying to play different songs I knew at that age, like "A Whole New World" from the Disney movie Aladdin, "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles, and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I set out on a mission to figure out the correct notes for each tune, and continued to my nights doing so until my parents bought me a 66-key keyboard and enrolled me in piano lessons. 

Memorable melodies such as these are an inspiration and motivate me to write pieces of music that would not only connect with the human experience but also stay with you. I think back on these songs and can remember the melody at any time and can recall the memories of my life tied to them. I will absolutely never forget them. 

Music is cathartic and therapeutic and creates community. I love how it brings people together and provide empathy, along with being a part of new memories and moments within our lives.

/ Janice Lee

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