fredag 29 juli 2022

Musikminne från Bradley Campling

För en vecka sedan släppte brittiska artisten Bradley Campling den finfina duetten Another day, där han delar mikrofonen med Viktoria Sunshine. Senast vi hörde från Bradley var det i dansanta Stuck in time, men här, i Another day, sänks tempot. Men låten är fylld av känslor och det finns både en sorg och en skönhet som går att ta på. Idag gästar Bradley bloggen för att berätta ett musikminne! 

My first music memory was probably around the age of 4 or 5, when I got my hands on my sister’s Walkman. I grabbed the first cassette I found on the way out of her room and retreated into my bedroom. I remember sitting on my bed, plugging in the earphones and the second I hit that play button, the world around me switched off. I remember closing my eyes, listening to every instrument, tapping along with my hands and imagining myself singing along with them. From that moment, Blue and their song All rise went everywhere with me and from there my passion for music grew and I expanded my musical collection as the years went by. 

Artists like Jason Mraz and his song I’m Yours inspired me to first pick up the acoustic guitar, Glen Power, drummer from The Script ignited my passion to learn the drums and 30 Seconds To Mars influenced me to perform on stage. I will never forget the first feeling of being inspired and it wont be my last. 

Music to me is not only an escape from the real world but a way to express how you feel without having to talk about it. There’s a song for every moment out there, and its forever growing. Music inspired me and helped me grow throughout my life, and now it’s my turn to inspire others and be that one song to change theirs.

/ Bradley Campling

Lyssna på Another day här nedan!