fredag 22 april 2022

Musikminne från Jantine

Artisten Jantine Heij från Nederländerna huserar numera i Bristol i sydvästra England. Hennes musik är elektronisk och dansant. I september förra året släppte hon låten Stockholm Syndrome som faktiskt också spelades in i Stockholm. Jantine har även sedan länge skrivit åt andra artister och har samarbetat med namn som Skrillex och Hardwell. Hennes senaste singel heter Boys like you och har en refräng som verkligen fastnar. Idag gästar hon bloggen för att berätta om ett musikminne, kopplat till Blink-182! 
I was obsessed with Blink-182 growing up (and still am). Me and my friends were playing in an all-girl pop punk band and had huge crushes on the cute skater boys and band kids in our hometown. We would turn Feeling This up so loud in my friend's bedroom, open the window and sing (or scream) along, so the cute neighbour and his friends would hear us. I lived and breathed every lyric, every song. 

Travis' accident happened (thank god he survived) and I thought I would never see a Blink-182 show. But then I finally saw them live in 2010. When they started playing Anthem Part II I lost my composure and cried for the first 20 minutes of the show. Yup, I'm a fan-girl. It was so emotional seeing them live, with my friends, in the sunshine, reliving all my childhood memories. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Hoppus on their 2017 world tour, because as it turns out - he is a friend of one of my very good friends. Epic moment as well. A pity I look shit in the photo! But I will cherish this memory forever.

/ Jantine 

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