lördag 21 augusti 2021

Musikminne från Elle Wolf

Elle Wolf från Vancouver släppte den dansanta singeln Another lover där mörker och ljus förenas. En dröm om långa nätter vid stranden och att hitta en ny älskare. Pop och elektronik möts i en låt om frihet. Elle Wolf har tidigare släppt singlarna Let's find out, Disappear och Queen och en live-EP. Idag gästar hon bloggen för att berätta om två musikminnen! 

How do I choose just one. I think that all of my best memories are tied to music in one way or another. I think the only time I really cried at a show was when I was 18 standing in a field in Scotland. It was my first time at Tea in the Park festival. I am a small town girl from Canada and I couldn’t believe that I was in Scotland, looking up at Noel Gallagher singing Half the World Away with him and thousands of other people. My whole body felt like it was being lifted or like I was in this place I couldn’t have ever imagined. I didn’t even realize I was crying until my friend asked me if I was okay. I blamed it on the rain. I was moved for the first time in a big way. 

I would have to say that another music memory was the first time I tried LSD… yes my friends, I went for it in a big way. I was at a festival and it was the day that Alice Cooper was playing… so we said to Hell with it and dived in. It wasn’t that Alice Cooper was murdered multiple times during his show that freaked me out though, that was almost to be expected, but there was a guy in the crowd wearing a giant lego head…. I was not okay with that. After Alice Cooper played all of my friends decided to go see Weezer, and I just couldn’t go with them. I had to go see Chet Faker and the small sunset stage. So I went on my own…. If anyone ever wants to know what Utopia feels like.. It feels like being on acid, alone (but definitely not lonely) in a crowd while watching Chet Faker as the sunsets. That set was the most moving and uplifting set I can ever remember seeing. I literally saw these beautiful waves of energy coming off of this incredible musician on stage while everyone danced in the rainbow soundwaves. The vibe was a sunset dance floor with giant daisies floating around….. Take. Me. Back.

/ Elle Wolf 

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